2018 Top Best Color Label Printer For Small Business Owners

You can eat your bread and still have it, ask me how. With the increase in business revolution year in year out, you will need to move along with the trend.

What I am saying here is, you should never miss out on the race if at all you want your business to stay alive and ahead of your competitors, that is why online store owners are spending much on logo designs, rebranding and branding, advertisement, and some other marketing strategy. What then can a small business holder like you do?

Adding beautiful colors to your brands to attract your customer and attaching beautiful tags and labels are the two best ways to beat your competitors and stay in the heart of your customers.

How then can you get these done without splashing out much cash from your wallet, and how can you do it in the most convenient way and time? With the continuous evolution of new color label printers, the market is increasingly buzzing in demand for more.

Perhaps you have heard of the value-adding activities of color label printers, and you are ready to join the population of over 1 million companies using the color label printing machines, well let me show you the way around here.

Before buying a color label printer, I know you will want to be careful in order to have something seamless to put your money on, so you start going from site to site wrapping every useful article around your head, reading reviews, and watching previous users tell their success stories on YouTube.

But see, you don’t need to fill your head with every review, in fact, most of those reviews are untrue.


Top 10 Color Label Printers

To give you a full knowledge about the best color label printer for small business, I’ve had it all done for you below.

ROLLO 4×6 Color Printer

How much do you need to get 5000 sharp labels done in a day? Just one ROLLO 4×5 color printer. ROLLO truly overdid itself on this brand that prints equally crystal clear labels of the same size at a whopping speed of 150mm/s. The 7.7×3×3.3 rolls and flats is a one-time money spent that doesn’t require ink refill or anything as it doesn’t make use of ink nor toner.

Best color label printer for small business

Receiving over 3.5 stars and 540 positive reviews on Amazon, the 2.2lbs weight machine is compatible with any UPS, USPS, and any direct thermal label. If you are running a small eatery or a coffee shop, this may be an indispensable machine for you. It can also be used in large businesses too where quality labels are needed in large amount. See the full spec below

Features of ROLO 4×6 Color Label Printer for Small Business
  • Automatic Label Identification that tells you the size and features of your label at the press of a button
  • An advanced technology in place of ink and toner
  • A printing speed of 150mm/s
  • Net weight of 2.2lbs
  • Supports 4cm-10.4cm labels
  • 7×3×3.3inch dimension
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Primers LX2000 Color Printer

Everybody wants the best out of everything, that is why Primera technology is continuously releasing the best color printers.

The LX2000 is a unique brand with large ink cartridge for more than four colors. The system was designed towards a most enjoyable printing experience, by allowing you to print labels, photographs, texts and barcodes, and more.

It features a wireless and internet connectivity that let you print anything from any gadget, even from your phone, in a short period of time.

best industrial label printer

Though it can be operated with a USB or Microsoft Windows. It uses ink made of quality pigments that give your labels water resistance so the ink doesn’t blurt when your label get in contact with water.

It takes just 5 minutes to operate it before you can sit back and watch it perform its duty.

Features of Primers LX200 Color Label Printer
  • Inbuilt cutter for automatic cutting of labels perfectly
  • Wireless and Ethernet connection
  • Makes around 5000 labels daily
  • A speed of 6inches per seconds
  • A large cartridge of 5 colors
  • Water resistant body
  • Replaceable head
  • Fast and helpful after sales service


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Zinc Wireless Wi-Fi Color Label Printer

Most of the time of printing, you won’t have access to your computer, one of those periods may be when you have a broken computer, or when you don’t have a computer, even in that situation, you may be in a dire need of printing, how then can you deal with that?

With Zinc Wireless Wi-Fi Color label printer, all you need is a phone containing the soft copies of the labels to be printed. Just connect your phone to the printer and you will be printing out thousands of labels in few hours.

This portable printer uses an ink-free technology to produce high-quality labels and photographs without the need of getting your hand stained with an inkjet, cartridge, toner, or ink.

It is the best choice for an in-house printing as you can easily connect it with your house Wi-Fi and set it working seamlessly for you.

Features of Zinc Wireless Wi-Fi Label Printer for Small Business
  • Wireless Wi-Fi
  • Inkless
  • Roll Zinc paper
  • Works with UPS and USPS
  • After sales service
  • 1-year warranty

Brady BBP33 color label printer

This is the most portable printer you can find anywhere. The BBP33 come with a sharp cutter that automatically cut the labels perfectly into the right sizes, and a USB with a long cord for quick and easy connection to your computer, UPS, and devices.

It has received good ratings and testimonies over the internet and will work perfectly for any small business holder.

Features of Brady BBP33 color label printer
  • 300dpi resolution
  • Internal auto cutter
  • Pc-connect
  • Label of 2-4inches


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Zinc Wireless Touch Screen label printer

This is the most advanced label printer in the market right now. It has an application installed on it that allows you to do all the label settings on it, and you can also run the application through your iOS or Android phone.

In case you run out of designs, the application comes with a lot of design interface and ideas you can choose from and design with. Check the features below.

Features of Zinc Wireless Touch Screen label printer
  • Built-in 3.5inch touchscreen
  • Power option (AC adapter or batteries)
  • Preinstalled operating software
  • Inkless technology
  • SD card space
  • Wi-Fi enabled.
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