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Yes, it is 2019, but 2018 is still a good year to review, and it is pretty recent, so, our review of the best mountain bikes will have to come from that year, seeing as 2019 has only just begun, we would have to wait until, maybe, the second or maybe third quarter if the year to get a review for 2019.

Now, when we say, “best mountain bike,” of course, this depends on a lot of factors, and it is mostly relative, depending on the individual making the purchase. There are things to consider if you’re going to call a mountain bike best, things like, your budget, your location terrain, your taste in bikes, and also, your riding style. Mountain bikes, like with other parts that concern cycling, is broken down into different niches that are nested in other niches, hoping to optimize them for their natural use.

The bikes reviewed in this article have mostly between 120mm and 162mm of travel, and this puts them in the Enduro or in the Trail category. Just like we have all-wheel drive, people often refer to bikes in the endure or trail category as all-mountain bikes, this makes them the perfect fit for riding any trail.

Here are our top choices:

  1. EVIL FOLLOWING MB: This bike was launched in the year 2015, and it was called a strange beast. It had every characteristic of an endure bike, from its build, to the geo, and its specifications. It also came with 29 inch wheels and travels the same distance as a shorter travel trail bike. This bike’s reach was increased to about 20mm on all sizes. It has a piggyback for an added heat-absorbing oil volume and adjustability.
  2. TREK FUEL EX 7 29: When the 2018 version of this bike was released, it sold out fast, and this bike already has its 2019 version which is $200 more expensive than that which was released in 2018, mainly because of an upgrade in its components. It has new brakes (the Shimano MT 400), also comes with a new brand of saddle (Bontrager Arvada), it also has the tubeless strip feature, which used to come separately with the bike.
  3. IBIS RIPMO: Are you in the marketing looking for a bike than a trail 29er, but then you find the current sprout of the monster truck endure 29ers to be a tad too much? Well, the Ibis Ripmo is just want you seek. The Ibis Ripmo looks like a bike that will have a riding semblance to that of an endure bike, with its 145mm of rear travel, 66 degrees head tube angle and a 160mm fork. But don’t be deceived, this bike is definitely not an endure bike, what makes this one different? Because it is quick, it has a light feel with an impressive efficiency, an it is springy. It leans more toward a trail bike than it does and endure bike. But once you hit the rough patch, its travel comes into play.
  4. CANYON SPECTRAL CF 9.0 PRO: This bike was recently launched in North America, as it is a German brand, and its prices are lower than that of its competition. One fascinating thing, except for the fact that it is a strong bike that comes at a cheap price, is the fact that it has 140mm of rear travel. Its frame is paired to a 150mm travel Rock shox. Pike fork and its made for an all-around versatility. Another interesting feature about this bike is its semi-internal cable routing that is kept in a plastic panel just beneath the down tube, as this eases service and also, gives some framing protection.
  5. SPECIALIZED EPIC COMP CARBON: This 100mm travel comps carbon frame is 252 grams lighter, partly due to new flex stay rear end that replaced the old FSR 4 bar link. The frame of the bike gets a longer front center and a slacker head angle, that has a relatively shorter stem, which enables a more balanced ride. This model also comes with a Rockshox Reba fork and 1 x 11 SRAM GX drivetrain.

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