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As an owner of multiple websites I know how important it is to get fonts correct. Today instead of reviewing car products I want to share what I’ve learned while selecting fonts for this website.

The appearance of our texts play a vital role in every form of design, whether it is mobile applications, or product packaging, or any other form.

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What you need to know about Typography

Topography is important to graphic designers, typographers, and anyone in a business that values typography. Typography, for years, has influenced the way we write, the beauty (or lack thereof) of typographic work.

Because of the importance and value of typography, many platforms have made typefaces available for free on the internet; but in this article, we’ll be giving you a list of the best places (according to us) to get your fonts. But before we jump into that list, let us tell you a little more about typography.

There are different elements of typography, and they are:

  • Tracking
  • Typeface
  • Leading
  • Fonts
  • Kerning
  • Line length

What are all these and what are their functions?

Well, typeface, for example, is the set of characters that belong in the same group, sharing the same kind of design as the font. While tracking, line length, kerning, and leading all deal with space and difference between letters, characters and lines.

Now, let’s help you sort through these free fonts available to you on the internet. Who doesn’t want something free yet effective, right?

List Of The Best Place To Get Fonts Online

Not all of them are free, but these font marketplaces come with a bunch of premium benefits, but they also offer some free font services.

FontSpring Review

FontSpring has available a great number of typefaces, and are only purchased per weight, and not by full-families alone. If you are a designer working on a tight budget, you should check out these guys. FontSpring also has a very reasonable @fontface licenses.

Before any purchase, you are given a try-then-buy option (or you could also call it a demo). Fonts are available for testing and comping.

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MyTemplate Storage Review

This is an affiliate center for that boasts a large number of themes and templates that have beautiful designs and are rich with functionality. If you seek great script fonts and other font styles, check out their website.

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Envato Review

This is an Australian based company, and it is no slacker when it comes to their font offerings. There are designers on the platform that provide you with tons of fonts to choose from, of course, with their various licensing agreements, and these fonts come at a cheap price.

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Another great font store to check out. They offer premium fonts for your money’s worth. They provide you with cheap font bundles, and varied font options of some of the best typography fonts in the online sphere. Doesn’t matter what kind of font you seek, head over to Fontbundles and be dazzled with the number of choices you can make on there.

They also offer free personal and commercial licenses with every purchase you make.


This font marketplace has nearly 33,000 free fonts. On their website, you can simply search the different styles by categories, such as:

  • Extreme
  • Fun
  • Basic
  • Trendy
  • Decorative and many more.

There are over 2,000 designers that actively share fonts on this platform. Before using any fonts, you are told whether the fonts you choose are for personal or commercial uses only. Their fonts are free and are made by designers from around the world.

The Northern Block

This is another option if you are in the market to buy free fonts. Their website design is simple and easy to navigate, making it especially easy to find what you’re looking for. They have tons of free fonts for you to choose from. It is based in the UK, but they work with designers from other countries. Their fonts come in geometric and modern styles; and these styles work well with companies in fields like:

  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Mobile video games.


So, the name of this platform is an amalgamation of two words (as you probably must have guessed). It is a combination of the words font and construction.

Construct, why? For those who seek free fonts, and also want to build their fonts for free should visit the Fontstruct platform.

For creative designers, you can use this free software on Fonstruct. Many at times, it is hard for many businesses to find the fonts with the litany of font options available, and this is where Fontsruct steps in, they help you develop your own fonts.

These fonts will be unique to your brand. And another thing is, you’re allowed to make certain changes to fonts created by others on the website.

Jeff Schreiber

A Dutch graphic designer whose font marketplace has a relatively low font quantity, as compared to many others out there but, Jeff offers you great quality. He specializes in:

  • Type design
  • Illustration
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Lettering
  • Logo design
  • Information design
  • Iconography
  • User interface design

With all of these skills, it is no wonder he’s able to provide such top notch font styles. And he offers fonts that are suitable for mobile apps. This is necessary because you don’t want your website loading slowly on mobile sites.


Another great font marketplace for your free fonts. In the top right corner on the banner, it is clearly displayed which fonts are completely free. The company was founded in 2010 by Alexander Nedelev and Veronika Slavova, both co-founders created this as a side project. It is located in Bulgaria. They have a blog that talks about the evolution of letters and numbers, and the different fonts.

Font Freak

They have over 125,000 fonts and of those 125,000 fonts, 9,000 are free, and are from over 400 different designers. The available fonts are alphabetically sorted for easy downloading, and most fonts are available in both Mac and PC versions.

You can also download the entire free font cache, that is, if you do not want to sort through individual fonts, but that comes at a price, just a small one.


This is a go-to place for designers who want to show off their work and share their portfolio (because Behance allows you do that). This is a place to find amazing fonts that are free.

There are certain things you’d need to do to access the free fonts, like applying some filters, and once that is out of the way, you’ll have access to a wide range of available fonts you can download.


This is a font marketplace with an archive of over 1000 fonts available for you to download, all for free. This font reserve provides a great font style spectrum and a great user experience. To make use of these free fonts, make sure you contact the font designer if you will be using the font for commercial purposes.

Google Fonts

Really, what is this list without a mention of Google Fonts? Google Fonts is one site that pops to mind when thinking of free fonts, and it is also the first that comes up at the top search results. They have a massive archive of over 800 font families that come in various types such as:

  • Sans serif
  • Monospaced fonts
  • Handwriting fonts, etc.

Google Fonts is used by web designers for a faster and reliable font hosting. And this is the thing, Google Fonts are downloadable and are open-source (free for personal and commercial use).

Abstract Fonts

This is a font marketplace that includes a curated collection of high quality fonts. Most of the available fonts are free to use both commercially and personally. But never forget to check the license before you download. The site is easily navigable.


A cool name with cool stuff. It also has an archive of free fonts that you can download. You browse alphabetically, by style, popularity, author, or by listing. It is mostly unprofessional, but there are fonts that you could find here that would do the job. If you’re looking for something fresh, something unconventional, you could try checking out this site.

Before Using Free Fonts: Things to Take Note of

Just because these fonts are available to you for free doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with them. There are license rules that you need to follow. Most of these free fonts come with limited licenses, which suggests that they can only be used on personal projects.

This does not mean that there aren’t sites that offer free fonts with commercial licenses. But always make sure that you check the licenses before you proceed to download these fonts and use them on your projects.