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In earlier years, a mountain bike was known as just a mountain bike, and nothing more. But seeing as the years go by, and there have been huge leaps in technological advancements, there has been a range of machines that are purposefully built for certain types of riding, or should we say, certain riding styles. Today, we have a gamut of mountain bikes to choose from, we have Fatboy, 650B, Gravity, 29er, full suspension, downhill, XC, Hardtail.

Even though many bike manufacturers give their bikes different names, we have four basic types of bikes, and they are:

  • All mountain (Enduro)
  • Cross Country (XC)
  • Trail
  • Downhill (DH)

Now, let us break down the meaning of these bike types.

  1. All mountain and Enduro: These bikes are purposefully made for the downhill, but with gearing, suspension stiffness, and a dropper post for saddle, all so the rider can ride uphill comfortably. They are not the most common because they are new in the market. We have two types that make this bike type, and they are:
  • Gravity
  • Full suspension
  1. Trail: These are modern full suspension bikes, and these bikes can ride anything. They have a comfortable range of full suspension, and they are usually well placed when riding down most downhill sections and also speedy uphill. This is made possible partly to its rugged construction and also, its nifty features like being rid of its front derailleur and riding 1 x 11 or 1 x 12 group sets. The full suspension bikes are very common and are easily available for purchase or for hire.
  2. Downhill or Free ride: This is referred to as the downhill beast. This is not a fragile bike as they are made for speed and control on downhill descents. They are not especially good for riding uphill, most times, what you will see are downhill riders unmounting their bikes, pushing the bike up. And because of this factor, you only get to ride this on a gondola, shuttle assisted, or with life assisted bike parks.
  3. Cross Country: These particular bikes are perfect for more gentle, off-road trails or for orientated speed over cross country courses. There are few types of them that will fall under this category.
  4. Full suspension or FC: This is a kind-of new-to-the-scene full suspension bike for racers or those who like speed and frequently encounter rough terrains.
  5. Hardtail – General: This is the most common type of bikes and are used by beginners and intermediate riders mostly because of its low-cost purchase. It is generally known as mountain bike.
  6. Hardtail – Performance: This is a lean mean machine made for speed. Many advanced riders use this bike for mountain bike races. They ride on 29 inches wheel because of its momentum and the speed brought by the wheels.

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