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How to Install Web Fonts

Fontation's quick tutorial in how to install fonts on Windows versions, Mac and Linux systems.


Install Fonts on Windows 8 / 10

Microsoft has made it easier to install fonts on these versions of windows 8 compared to earlier versions. Simply follow these steps.

1. Extract the fonts to any directory

2. Select the font(s) and right-click (or double click an individual font)

3. Select Open (in the case of several selected fonts)

4. Click Install from the preview window


Install Fonts on Windows 7 / Vista

1. Extract the fonts to any directory

2. Select the fonts and right-click

3. Select Install


Install Fonts on Windows XP, Windows 98 and Windows 95

Copy & Paste the fonts into the Fonts Folder, usually found in C:\Windows\Fonts

Note: Only Copy/Paste the fonts as extracting directly into the Fonts Folder (from a Zip file) won't install correctly. You must extract them somewhere else first then Copy/Paste them over.


Install Fonts on Mac OS

Place the font files into /Library/Fonts (for all users) or into /Users/Your_username/Library/Fonts

Note: If you have Font Book installed, you can also double-click the font file to quickly install that font into the correct location


Install Fonts on OS 9 and Below

1. Open up the Hard Disk

2. Open the System Folder

3. Open the Fonts Folder

4. Highlight and drag the screen font (suitcase with A on it) and the printer font (not the .AFM file) into the FONTS folder


Install Fonts on GNU/Linux

This will depend on your type of GNU/Linux distro. Below is the common way on Linux.

Font collections: Use the distro repository and the package manager

Individual fonts: Move these to the directory /usr/share/fonts/. For a single user, move fonts to ~/.fonts/