Golf Irons For Mid Handicappers: A Guide

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Before you set off to get a golf iron for mid handicappers that you would want to last you a long time, you would need to keep certain things in mind, and below, we will be giving you a list of some of the most important things that would need your consideration.

Iron Style

Irons usually come in two different styles, and they are: cavity back or muscle back. The cavity back has a hollow construction that is set in the back of the head and is great for amateur golfers since it gives a lot of forgiveness when it comes to accuracy and distance. For the muscle back, which is forged, gives the golfer better feel and better control to give shape to shots. For this reason, it is mostly preferred by professionals that have the skill and experience to have control of their ball.

A mid handicapper would probably want irons that have game-improvement features like good forgiveness and distance, but they will also offer playability and feel that professionals go for.

Design of Clubhead

In golf irons, the clubhead is one of the most important things that a golfer should look for in a golf iron set. Golf clubs, as you may have known, come in various designs. As for the professionals, they prefer a smaller-sized club head because it gives them more control over the ball. When it comes to the medium-sized clubs, those are great for people that are not total hacks but that are looking to improve their game, like the mid handicappers. For the larger-sized club heads, they are very forgiving, and they come very close to guaranteeing that you hit a solid shot, making them great for both amateurs and rookies.


The shaft of the club usually determines things like durability and also how it performs, and this is specific to the individual using them. When you are in search for a good iron for your needs, make sure to pay attention to the shaft. Shafts are usually made from two materials: graphite or steel. For the new and inexperienced golfers, graphite would be a good choice since it is lighter allowing those with slower swing speeds to generate more speed through the ball.

Steel can also be preferable since it is heavier and less liable to move all over the place during the swing, and this would result in a poor strike.

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