How Best To Use Your Countertop Deep Fryer

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If you have bought a new countertop deep fryer thinking that you could have the most delicious fried food at the most economic rates, but ended up finding out that frying stuff in the fryer is anything but economical, then it is time that you read the following to learn how to get the best out of your countertop deep fryer easily.

When using a countertop deep fryer always remember to pour the right amount of oil. If you look into the fryer, you can see that there is a level already marked to inform you about the oil level that needs to be maintained.

When frying the food items in the fryer, always make it a point to have it closed with a lid. This will ensure that the heat stays within in the fryer and helps cook the food faster. If you have a vent on the lid, then it is well and good because you can constantly check to find out how the frying is coming along.

When using a countertop deep fryer, ensure that you have the thermostat set to medium. With the lid on while frying and the thermostat set to medium, you can ensure that your food is fried to perfection and that too with very less electricity being consumed.

Before making a purchase of any deep fryer, make sure you ask yourself if you’ll be using it regularly, this is quite important, because it helps you figure out what you’ll be cooking in it. And there are variety of things that you can cook with the deep fryer. You can prepare things like: fried lasagna, fried oreos, fried ice cream and more. Those seem unusual, don’t they? Well, the possibilities of unusual dishes you can prepare with your fryer as mentioned earlier, is endless.

Things to consider when buying a deep fryer:

  • Safety: This is a major concern when buying any electrical appliance, but this time, you have to be especially  careful when purchasing a deep fryer. Not to scare you or anything, but you know how oil is wont to bubble over and out from its container, and this can burn you, or worse, combust,
  • Capacity: The smaller the deep fryer, the more time-consuming it will be. If you know you’ll be frying larger things, then you’ll (obviously) need to get a larger one that can fit all your contents.
  • Cost
  • Heat-up time and,
  • Ease of cleaning and use.

With the above mentioned tips, I am certain that even you would be able to put your countertop deep fryer to better use and with time and practice, you surely can get the most out of your fryer. With these tips you needn’t worry about packing your fryer and string it in the attic thinking that it is not economical. Rather, follow these tips to the Tee and see the difference from the very first time you use it.

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