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How to Choose a Golf Club Set – The Options

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What actually makes choosing a set of golf clubs hard is the fact that you can find just so many types and designs of golf clubs and all have different features that you simply have to take into account before generally making that final decision.

Further down this article, there is a layout of a couple of more considerations to take into consideration when selecting your beginner or intermediate level golf clubs.

Golf Club Head Size

The head size of one’s golf clubs is very important, especially when selecting woods. Generally, the bigger the head size, the bigger the sweet spot. Therefore clubs which are oversize are often great for newbies because they are a lot more forgiving than small or mid head sized clubs.

That being said, you do not want the head size of your clubs to be too large, as this could allow it to be difficult to manage the ball. As an example, senior golfers who generally don’t generate plenty of club head speed would benefit from oversized heads, whereas a starter who still has several years under his belt would wish to go for a mid to large head size.

In practical terms, it is recommended that drivers with a head size of 450 to 460 cc. The Golf Irons need to have a more substantial face and a deeper cavity at the rear of the club. In the event that you consider the head of irons employed by top players, you will notice four things:

  1. The sole of the club is relatively narrow, and as a starter, you will need a wider sole.
  2. The face of the club is relatively small with a limited sweet spot, and as a beginner golfer, you will need a larger face with a broader sweet spot to cater for mishits.
  3. The cavity at the rear of the club is normally very shallow, with some irons being total blades, and as a starter, you will need a deeper cavity to disperse the weight to the perimeter of the club. And…
  4. Better players use irons with almost no offset of the club head from the shaft, and as an intermediate or a beginner you will need a great deal of offset to make it easier to launch the ball off the ground.

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