How To Choose The Best Golf Clubs For Starters

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An entire set of golf clubs contains a maximum of 14 clubs, and it consists of: a driver, fairway woods, irons, hybrid clubs, wedges, sand wedge and a putter. Below are some useful information about what to find in each type of club.

The Driver

The driver is the largest and the longest club in a golf set. The driver features a steep face, usually this falls between 7.5 to 13 degrees, and it is usually only used off a tee. Generally, a driver has a long graphite shaft to lessen its weight and raise the club head speed.

Head sizes for drivers may differ but the biggest is 460cc. As a starter it is recommended that you obtain a driver with a loft ranging between 10 and 11 degrees and a head size between 450 and 460 cc. A graphite shaft is also an absolute must have!

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods usually range from the 3 wood to a 7, as well as 9 wood. The loft for a 3W is generally between 12 and 17 degrees. Some sets also add a 5-wood with a loft between 18 and 23 degrees. Fairway woods could be hit off the tee and as you can see by its name, on the fairway too.

The majority of the fairway woods have large heads which are quite just like the driver, but they are shallower and they also boast of having a lesser sweet spot, pointing towards the bottom of the club. Graphite shafts may also be desirable in your fairway woods.


In a typical golf club set, you will discover irons which range from 1 to 9, but most sets have irons which range from 3 to 9. A 3, 4 and 5 iron are generally very difficult to hit, particularly if you really are a beginner. The reason of this being the only of those clubs are narrower compared to the higher irons, which makes it hard to get under the ball.

The golf industry has solved this dilemma with the introduction of hybrids, which replace lower number irons. Irons vary in loft from the lower irons in the late teens to the higher irons which may have loft as high as 50 degrees. Irons are made to assist you to slice through thick lies due to their narrow sole and higher lofts, in comparison to woods.

Normally, irons are played off the ground (fairway or rough), however; when it comes to that of par 3s, players can make use of a tee to make it easier so as to get under the ball. The most effective irons for novices have a sizable offset of the club face from the shaft.

What this means is the club face is placed back off the shaft and helps starter players get under the ball easily. It’s also wise to choose a wide sole and dispersed weighting system to boost} the sweet spot.

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