Who Are Mid Handicappers In Golf?

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There are no hard and fast brackets in golf handicaps to be able to name a person as a high, low or mid handicapper. The USGA handicap keeps track of the performances of players, down to their individual handicap point. In general terms, a mid handicapper is someone whose handicap falls between 10 – 20.

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Once you are able to bring your handicap down to a single digit and are able to break 80 on a consistent basis, you will be able to call yourself a low handicap player. In this article, we will be giving a guide to mid handicapper.

A Guide to Irons for Mid Handicappers

According to the stats provided by the USGA, golfers that fall into the mid handicap, that is, the 10 – 19 segment account for almost 44% of the total golfer population. And what this means is that, it makes them significant, if not the most significant demographic for golf equipment manufacturers. And this makes it nearly impossible for there to be a scarcity in numbers when it comes down to game improvement irons for mid handicap golfers in today’s market.

From manufacturers and their price points, game improvement irons share certain defining traits that make them very easy to notice.


For those who continuously seek to improve will find a smaller set that provides plenty of feel and control, and those that are headed in the opposite direction, or those that do not play as much as their counterparts, will be more suited to designs that give better forgiveness levels.

It does not matter what models make the grade, you certainly will enjoy seeing and feeling the benefits of modern technology. And these benefits include the likes of pocket-cavity designs that supply more forgiveness to small head shapes, tungsten weighting that reduces the twisting on heel and toe mishits, and, also thinner faces and sole slots that mean that you will find the power that is usually associated with larger-profile irons.

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