Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair

In this article, we will be talking about the best shark vacuum for your pet’s hair, guiding you through each product that has been listed and helping you make an informed decision.

We have made sure that the products that have been selected in this article are ones that would prove to be effective in getting rid of the hairs of your pets, keeping the littering of furs around your home under control and giving you no cause to worry.

Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair 2019 Review

  1. Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean with Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap Technology

This product is one among the many by the Shark domestic home care makers, and the Shark Apex DuoClean vacuum cleaner is one that has specialized uses, and this brand is known for producing products that are trustworthy. This is one excellent machine, as expected from this maker. Not only does this machine help take care of all the furs that track around your home, but it also does well to handle the cleaning of both your carpets and your hard wood floors.

Trying to get rid of the furs of your pet in your home is one issue, another frustration that you might encounter after the vacuum has done an excellent job at cleaning up is trying to get rid of the hairs that the machine has accumulated. And this is the part where the Shark APEX DuoClean machine excels. The makers of this tool designed an easy but very efficient way to get rid of pet hairs as you clean them up.

This machine has a Zero-M feature that does well to take care of the hairs that are caught on the brush roll without you needing to worry yourself. This vacuum not only cleans up the furs of your pets, it also takes care of hairs that have been shed by humans, too.

One other thing that would make you completely love this machine is the machine’s Complete Seal, anti-allergen air filtration system that is certified and is perfect for the removal of allergens that might be in the air and that very nauseous pet smell.



You know how when you are cleaning up with your vacuum you hear that whirring or buzzing sound that can be irritating? Well, this machine nixes that, as it comes with a noise reduction feature.

This is a high-end vacuum cleaner that is also very pet friendly. This machine comes with a cannister that you can easily remove, and once removed, it turns into an upright vacuum that also makes cleaning easy for you.

There are so many interesting features that come with this machine. There are LED lights that can be found on the cleaning head and handle on the machine that just makes working with it a lot simpler. In the name of this machine, there is the DuoClean brush, and what this does is, it changes from one function to another: from deep cleaning for your thick carpets, to the polishing of your hard wood floors, and it helps you do these without any hassle.

With this machine, you will be able to get rid of hairs from your carpets and floors with a great amount of ease. This is a great vacuum cleaner from the Shark company that you should give a try.


  1. Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet: The Transformer

Seeing as this pet vacuum is on this list, it is proof that we love this model, and it is one of the best-rated pet vacuums. This machine comes with a great suction feature and this can be seen by the amount of dirt that it is able to suck up.

Once you have this machine and have used it, there would be no need to further prove to you just why this is a good model for your pet hair removal around your home. Just like the product before it, this machine has a good sound that just reassures you of its working abilities.

This machine has the ability to function in various modes, modes like canister, upright, and handheld, and these individual modes and applications can be used only depending on how and where you choose to use it.

It is quite easy to maneuver, and this is very useful for those times that you might try to get it to reach into tight corners to get out that hair hiding there. It does not matter where and how you choose to use this tool it has a power capacity that will surely not fail you.

Whatever kind of surface the hair you are trying to get rid of is stuck on, whether on the carpet or on the hardwood floor, this machine will suck it up without any stress. This is very important because, as you might know, trying to get your pet hair sometimes can be a bit of a hassle, especially since they can be quite stubborn to get off a surface. There is a pet hair attachment that does well to find whatever tuft of fur is lying around your home.

There are other interesting features that this machine comes packed with: a dusting brush, a crevice tool and a dusting brush that is usually regarded as the dusting genie, there is also the True Pet Motorized Brush that would easily fit in your hand, a Pet Upholstery Tool that does well to handle pet hairs that can be found on curtains, fragile clothing materials, and your upholsteries, a Hard Floor Genie that is a washable microfiber pad, and then the canister caddy.

There could be some challenges that you might face when you are making use of this machine, and this is especially tur for those who are on the shorter side of the height spectrum, seeing as the handle of this machine is longer that the usual length of vacuum cleaners.


  1. The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed with DuoClean Technology (Model NV801) – The Double Cleaner

Like the model that we previously reviewed that comes with three modes, this one is somewhat different because it only comes with one mode, and that is the upright mode. But one thing you can be certain of with this model is that it is sturdy for your work. There are some features that come with this model that make it quite easy to use and maneuver, features like the swivel steering and the small cleaner head.

This vacuum comes with two brush rolls, and you might be wondering why a vacuum would need two when one was enough to do the job. But, just hold on, we will tell you just why this feature is very important.

With the models that have just the one brush roll, we said that cleaning up was made easy, but with the double brush roll, it is double. The dual brush rolls make it easy for you to suck up dust and dirt easily, and this is something you will find most useful if you have a hard floor.

The brush rolls are placed in two separate places for two separate jobs. There is the front brush roll that collects both the big and small dirt, and it is usually soft; once the front brush roll is done with its collecting, the dirt that it has gathered is then sent to the main brush roll that you can find in the center of the nozzle. The front brush roll also works as the polisher.

One other cool feature of this machine is its pet multi-tool. What is this, you ask? Well, this is a hand tool that has a suction-driven brush roll. What this does is that, it helps the vacuum remove pet hair from your upholstery, but this machine’s function is not as strong as that of its counterpart, the NV752. But you know another cool thing? This machine comes with a 7-year warranty, I guess the manufacturers are trying to make up for the part where this machine kind of sucks (pun intended).

You might find that the placement of this machine’s power button is a bit inconvenient for you, seeing as it is placed on the handle and not on the body like some of the other models on this list, making it easy to reach.

Another thing of discomfort for you might be the fact that you would need to take the machine with you everywhere you go as you clean a space in your home because the hose of this tool is a bit short.


  1. Shark Rocket TruePet HV382 Vacuum

This pet hair vacuum comes with an integrated brush roll that does well to get rid of hairs that can be found on hard floors and on carpets. This machine works well with both your pet’s hair and, also with fine dust.

The Shark Rocket TruePet Vacuum comes with a configuration that performs its functions like that of the upright model vacuum cleaner, but you can also take apart the head from the rest of the machine and make use of it to pick up pet hair that you find on your upholstery and curtains.

This pet vacuum has a weight that is less than 5 pounds, and with this weight, this machine passes as a combo hand vacuum and an upright model that does well to take care of pet fur no matter where it is you find it. There is an upholstery brush feature that comes with this machine and there is also an under-appliance wand that you can use to clean the baseboards and those hard-to-reach places like under your sofa.

The suction of this vacuum is one that might serve to disappoint you when you try to get rid of the hairs and dust on your carpet or hard floors, seeing as you might need to move over a certain spot several times before you are able to get rid of a certain stain that is buried deep in your carpet.

If you have very thick carpets to clean with this vacuum, just know that you will face some troubles getting rid of those debris. This machine’s cord is 16-foot long, but the makers of this tool did not think of the fact that you might need to warp it around something, so, there is no feature for that on it.

When this vacuum is used in the upright mode, you will find that it would have some issues with it trying to stand on its own, but this is not something that often happens; the only time that you might find that this is a problem is when you are trying to make it stand on the steps, it would tip over and fall. If you know that you will not be using it for a minute, and you need it to stand on its own, you would only need to lean it against a wall, and you are good.


  1. Shark Rotator professional Lift-Away NV501

This is one machine that you will love because of its ability to be easily maneuvered, and the fact that it comes with a long cord that will make it possible for you to reach far corners of the room you are cleaning.

Many users of this vacuum like it because of its ability to detach its canister caddy and use only the vacuum and its suction nozzle to take care of the stairs without you having to need a handheld vacuum cleaner.

This machine features a narrow crevice wand that is stiff, and this is something that you will find present in many vacuum machines, but, the stiff crevice wand on this machine is flexible enough to help you get in those spots that might be hard for you reach when you are cleaning. It comes with a flexible, multi-angle brush.

Sometimes when you are cleaning your carpet with a vacuum cleaner, you might find that the machine gets stuck to the carpet, and this is usually due to the strong suction of the vacuum. With the NV501 machine, you will find that this is something you will not experience (well, unless you put in more suction than is needed), because this machine comes with an adjustable suction control that lets you adjust the level of suction that your vacuum can have while you are cleaning up your carpet, making your vacuuming a smooth experience.

This machine does clean well when you use it hard floors and tile than when you use it to clean carpets, but one thing it sure does well is, it picks up your pet’s hair and other debris that might be found on your carpet.


  1. Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42

This machine, the Shark Navigator deluxe is one machine that assures you of never losing its suction. This machine is one that you can use on carpets, hard wood floors, and tile floors. It does well to remove huge amounts of pet hairs.

If you have a dog that is mostly indoors, you will notice that its furs will be shed almost always, and this could be a very big problem for you, as you would need to always clean up after it, and for you to stay on top of this shedding issue, you would need to get something that would efficiently get rid of these hairs that it constantly sheds.

The shedding of hairs is something that could be done in places that you may not be able to reach, but with the Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner, it sure will help get those hairs out of their hiding places and into the vacuum.

This machine comes complete with a pet pack that works well to remove hairs of any pet you might own, and it works well to get rid of even your own hair and whatever debris can be found on your carpet or hard wood floors or any other type of surface.

This is one very lightweight vacuum cleaner, with a lift away and carry option. These features help you move the machine around the home with ease so that you are able to clean parts of the home where there are messes of any kind.


  1. Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum HV292

So, we have been talking about vacuum cleaners and their functions and just how great they are, but we have not mentioned one and its price point. Well, with this machine, one thing we can tell you for sure is that it is affordable.

This vacuum comes with a long hose and a dusting brush and a 12-inch crevice tool. The dusting brush of this machine is one that work really well, making sure that all your pet hairs are picked up. But, yes, there is a but; once the hair sinks about ½-inch deep into your carpet, it will not be able to suck it out and into the vacuum.

The only way that you will be able to rescue the hair from your thick carpeting would be when you dig into the flooring, and, I know you are cringing at the thought of this. But be rest assured, this machine does a very good job when it comes to suctioning. Oh, another good news? It weighs only about 4 pounds.

Yes, we are talking about vacuum cleaners for your pet hair, but this machine can also do well to clean the interiors of your car due to the fact that it comes with a 15-foot cord, the only thing that you would be required to do while you clean your car’s interior would be to change the outlets once while you are cleaning the stairs.

This pet vacuum cleaner is the best handheld vacuum that can not only be used for cleaning up the messes created by your furry friends, but also the interiors of your vehicle.



Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair Buying Guide

If you are someone who owns a pet, and is a lover of that pet, it is without a doubt that that pet has a very special place in your heart. But the thing is, from time to time, our pets, whether due to sickness or some biological reason, these pets of ours shed their fur. And, no matter how much you love your pets, when they start to shed their fur, you just might find yourself feeling irate over that situation that they sometimes (if not all the time) do not have any control over.

This shedding of furs could be a problem for partner or a friend or family member who is averse to such sights, causing them to either stay away or fall sick when they are around. And for this reason, you might decide to get a vacuum that would work well to clean up that mess. The problem is, how does one get a hold of a good vacuum that works for a plethora of uses when you want to get one that would work well to clean up the furs that have been shed?

One good way that you can handle this problem is to make sure that you try, as much as you can, to clean your pet’s hair regularly. You pet can be taken care of on a daily basis, removing hairs that could fall off and litter everywhere.

When you do not take the time to get rid of excessive hair on your pet, they would leave tracks of scores of hairs littering your home. Getting the right vacuum to handle this is an important thing that many pet owners tend to take very seriously.

Just like anything that is in high demand in the market, the shark vacuum for your pet’s hair comes in varieties and trying to get the one that is best, the one that can thoroughly clean up all the traces of their furs from your living space.

When you are looking to buy a pet vacuum cleaner, there are things you should always look out for:

Overall Performance

When you are vacuum shopping, you should always make sure that you look out for its overall performance, as this would determine the level of satisfaction or frustration you will get from using the machine, and just how long it will serve you.

You should look out for things like how well the machine sucks up dirt from your floor. What kind of floor it is able to clean. The length of its cord. How easily can it be maneuvered and things like that.

The Vacuum Vs Your Pet’s Hair

If you have a furry friend whose fur they shed almost always, then this should be your priority. Does the vacuum suction pet hair well? Or does it fail when it comes to getting the job done?  When it successfully sucks up the pet hair, does it get clogged inside the machine?

Always make sure that you do a thorough research on the internet, read reviews and know what people are saying about the machine that you might have your heart set on buying before you make any investment.

I hope that with this review you have been able to take with you one or two vital lessons concerning the purchasing of a pet vacuum cleaner and have been able to guide you well enough to that point where you make an informed buying decision.

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