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Bad golf habits are difficult to break. Here’s a set of the ten most common faults seen on the golf course, and tips on how to work on overcoming them and perfecting your golf game:

Take enough club to access your target.

Amateurs consistently come up short using their approach shots to the green. Choosing a club {that will get the ball to the green is important, so make sure that you have a club that you could swing at 80 per cent and still arrive at the hole. Save your energy; you have a long life before you!

If you’re able to putt the ball, then putt it!

Don’t always make use of a lofted club across the greens. Leave this type of shot to the players who are able to handle them, like Phil Mickelson. Good advice is to employ a club that can hit this shot with the best trajectory possible.

Keep your head fairly steady.

You’re going to maneuver your head only a little during the swing, especially with the longer clubs. But moving your head an excessive amount can result in a variety of serious swing flaws that make the game extremely tough to play. Have someone watch you to see whether you move your head, or you could watch yourself in the mirror when you take practice swings.

Keep your sense of humor.

If you try everything and they still don’t work out, you should still keep your sense of humor and still survive, or at the very least, you could die laughing.

Bet only that which you are able to afford to lose.

Never bet on your own golf game that which you can’t afford to lose. One idea is to always to bet everything in your pocket with the exception of $10, and that is for the gas home.

Keep the ball low in the wind.

Once the wind starts to pick up, play the ball back in your stance, put both your hands in front of the ball, and keep them ahead whenever you make contact. So, remember to keep the ball as low as you are able to, and you can manage your game a lot more efficiently. You most likely won’t lose as many golf balls, either.

Take some golf lessons.

If you truly wish to have fun playing this game, you should start out with a couple of lessons to get you on the right track and, needless to say, read Golf For Dummies in its entirety. It’s amazing what you are able to do with a clear concept in your mind of steps to make a golf swing.

Do not give lessons to your spouse.

This may sound funny, but of course, there is a reason why. Giving golf lessons to your partner can be a federal offence. Don’t do it! Doing this can only just result in a disaster. Invest some money in lessons. Get good instruction and reap the benefits, and this is your peace of mind.

Always tee it up at the tee boxes.

Whenever it is legal (that is, in the teeing area), you should tee the ball up. This game is more enjoyable once the ball is in the air.

Never blame yourself for a bad shot.

Give yourself a break! Golfing is hard enough without blaming everything on yourself. Find creative methods to blame something different, such as the magnetic force field from alien spacecraft or even your golf iron. Let your mind go and observe how crazy your excuses can be. Keep your sanity!

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