The Difference Between Game Improvement Irons From Low Handicap Irons

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In a golfer’s bag, irons are the most versatile clubs that he/she has, as they help them negotiate their various challenges thrown at them by golf courses between the fairway and the greens.

A decent set of game improvement irons will not just make your life easier (especially for mid handicappers on the fairway), but also it will gradually help you improve your swing and accuracy. Game improvement irons have the following traits:

  1. Absence of long irons

Irons 1 – 4 are typically seen as expert level clubs that most novice and mid-level players find too hard to handle effectively. These irons are designed for distance and finesse, with their long shafts and small club heads with lower lofts that end up in smaller sweet spots.

Inexperienced golfers usually find it easy to miss than they do connecting with these clubs. And because of this, game improvement iron set do not include irons 1 – 4.

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  1. Hybrid Irons

Not all the game improvement iron sets have hybrid irons, and they are not totally important, in a way, for a good round of golf, especially when it comes to shorter holes. But if you happen to have them in your bag, they do give a nice distance option on the longer par 4 or par 5/6 holes.

This mix of the golf club family take some of the best parts of long irons and then mix them with the best parts of drivers and fairway woods, giving a decent middle of the road performance and accessibility for mid cap player that are looking to hone their distance game.

  1. Larger Club Heads, Higher Lofts and Increased Forgiveness

Game improvement irons have specially cast heads with design improvements like wider soles, higher loft angles, and a sweet spot.

Most times, these irons utilize a cavity back design that has a hollow at the back of the club head, transferring some weight to the corners of the club head. If you always end up skewing your second or your third shots into the rough or sand pits, you should take a look at some game improvement irons.

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