Things to Know Before Buying a Boat

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You want to buy a boat, okay. But do you have all the essential knowledge that comes with getting it? From your having to deal with emergencies, to your ability to read the tides. In this article, we will be giving you tips on what to know before you make that purchase.

Inspecting the Boat

Before you set out on a long fishing trip or some short cruise across the lake, you would need to know how to handle a thorough boat inspection. This inspection will cover safety equipment like life jackets, signaling devices, and working lights. You will also want to ensure that you have all the needed tools that would serve you in times of emergencies, enough fuel and oil, and a fire extinguisher. You should make sure that you know how to check for each of these things before you set out to buy a boat to ensure a great experience for when you do set sail.

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Emergency Procedures

A good boater always knows how to be safe on water. Although we hope that you never had the need for them, but just in case, make sure you understand all the emergency procedures that includes overboard recovery, hypothermia recovery, and a place where you will go in case you need some medical attention. Know where the life jackets are kept and throwable floatation devices are easily located so you can prepare for any emergency.

Reading the Tide Charts

If you happen to live near the coast, the tides will certainly be an important part of your boating schedule. This is vital if you plan to fish in near shores or intertidal areas. The tide has a huge impact on your success rate. If you learn to red the tides charts, you will have a better insight of where and when to fish. Knowledge of this can help you become a safer boater, and you will know the areas that you have access to at any given stage of the tides.

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